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Five Things You Need To Know About: Stanley Cups

Madi Squires photo
(L to R) Sophomores Isabella Dellies, Lexi Rupple, Nadeen Hassanein and Megan Brown are all proud owners of the popular stainless-steel 40-oz. FlowState Quencher mug.

   This tumbler has recently become a huge hit, due its durable quality and its ability to keep drinks cold and hot on hours on end. So, here are five things you should know about the Stanley cup!

1) In 1913, the Stanley brand was created by William Stanley, Junior, who also invented the all-steel vacuum bottle.

2) Stanley’s are incredibly versatile. They’re great for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or just simply for everyday

3) They are made to keep your drinks cold for up to 11 hours or hot can lasts until 4 hours, this is due to the double wall vacuum insulation designed inside.

4) Stanley has over 26 shades to pick from, the variety of colors allows you to choose a cup based on your personal preference and style!

Retailing for $45, this travel tumbler features a wide mouth for drinking, and a full-cover top to prevent spills.

5) Unfortunately, the Stanley cup has gotten to the point that its gained too much popularity  People are camping outside stores like Target and Starbucks just to get this cup.

  There’s been multiple reports, and social media videos as well of people getting into physical fights, tramping over each other, and arguments.

   So, if you are thinking about grabbing the famous Stanley cup, just watch your back when you do!


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