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5 Things to Gain Good Friendships in High School

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1) Communication  

When high school arrives for young teenagers, it can be a very stressful time trying to prepare for classes and talking to others. It helps to be open-minded to the idea of creating conversations with new people to gain friendships. Try to sit with a group of people during lunch and ask things about them! 

2) Kindness 

Kindness can always be a positive subject in high school! When you see someone struggling and you go out of your way to help them which can possibly help start up a friendship, and always give motivation to kids that might look upset or stressed! In high school you never know what one might be going through day to day, which is a good thing to keep in mind. 

3) Outside of school 

It might be hard to sustain a good relationship with somebody just in school! It is always an option to hang out with a person at a sporting event, your house, or meet up somewhere to hang out. The time out of school is when everyone can truly be themselves and just relax and that will be good to truly get to know each other. 

4) Classroom  

Even as something that is as little as a classroom can spark up a friendship by classwork! This is where teachers can help you as students with including projects and group work throughout the semester! Group projects can help you coversate and come up with ideas together that can make you realize that you match with another person as a friend. 

5) Sports  

You can always keep sports in mind! Even if you aren’t perfect at sports, they can help you gain connections with other teammates and coaches. Sports can also allow you to have connections for education after your high school career. Altogether, if you put yourself out there in high school there is a great chance you will gain great friendships with not just other kids but also adults. 

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