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Five Things You Need To Know About Electric Cars


#1. Charging Your Battery

Yes! Electric Cars have good qualities with helping the environment, but the charging  situation is hard to plan out if you travel a  good amount. You can only go so many miles, then you must take the time to charge your car for hours at a time. Electric cars are better   for the environment but at the same time is very time costly.

#2. The Cost

Paying for the electricity needed to drive an average of 15,000 miles per year costs about $546. By comparison, to drive a gas car that same distance would cost about $1,255. That means driving an electric car could save you  $709 annually in fuel costs. The cost of purchasing the at-home charger, however, would be costly.

#3. How Long They Last

When you look at how much an electric car can drive, you also might wonder how long they last. They seem to last for about 10-20 years of use. Now, if you don’t take good care of your electric car, then you might not get as much time out of it. At the end of the day, it depends on how much care you give to your electric car.

#4. Kid-Proofing

It is found that electric cars are found to be safer for kids. Electric cars have more “crumple” room in case of getting into accidents.    Some electric cars can have more space for kids who need car seats. Altogether, electric cars can be safe for everyone and is safe for the environment.

#5. Converting your car

Some might do their own research about electric cars, then  they’ll want to convert their car into electric! For starters, that will cost $65,000 in parts and labor to get the job done. It would not particularly be a fast process, which makes one just want to go  ahead and buy a new electric car for the price. It mainly depends on the time you have and the amount of money you’re willing  to spend.

The Hawk’s “Five Things You Need to Know About” is a informative news feature that provides readers with a succinct overview of important details pertaining to a specific subject.  

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