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5 Things To Do Over the Summer

1) Go out for ice cream or make your own ice cream at home for a sweet treat.

For people that like getting out of the house, going out for ice cream may be for you. For people that prefer to be in their house during the summer often, making your own ice cream may be for you. For these activities you can be around family, friends, or by yourself.

If you plan on making your own ice cream look at receipts online and check reviews of people who have made it so if you need to make accommodations or it taste good.  Making ice cream at home may be a mess, but you can have fun whoever you are with.

Now, going out for ice cream you can visit these suggested places: King Kone Ocean City locations, Dumser’s Dairyland locations, Island Creamery, Baskin-Robbins, Dairy Queen, and more. 


2) Have a movie night to shine through the night.

No matter the time of year, movies will always be in our life.

If you don’t want to go to a movie theater, then maybe having a movie night at either your own place or friends place is the way to go. For movie night with friends, you can have everyone bring one food or drink item over if you are worried about pricing.

Depending on where it is you can dress up the living room, backyard, your own room, and more to give a movie theater affect. You don’t need a projector to have a movie theater but if you want to you can.

If you want to have a movie night with yourself you can, all you need to do is make sure if you have snacks if you want and your movie night looks like the way you want it to look like.

3) Make Tie-dye shirts to brighten your day.

If you have an extra shirt, a shirt you love, a shirt you hate, or a shirt you feel needs color, I suggest on making tie-dye shirts.

You can make these with family, friends, or by yourself all you need is a tie-dye kit from an arts store or by online. You can include as much or how little color you want it. I do suggest looking up the weather for it needs to dry outside so it can be sunny one night and be rainy the next day.

Make sure you don’t damage any surfaces and preferably do this outside. If you have newspapers use them and if you don’t go to stores that sell them for free and use them. You don’t even have to read them or look at them again. 

4) Have a picnic to give you peace.

If you want to connect with nature or just want to be out in the sun, then having a picnic seems like a thing to do.

Like activities mentioned above you can do this with friends, family, or by yourself. If you are doing this with friends and family make sure you talk with them to set up a date and to discuss what people are bringing.

You can do this in a park or on the beach. Just make sure to wear sunscreen prior to going out, have an umbrella for shade if you want, as well as a towel or blanket for the picnic.

5) Go to the Ocean City Boardwalk this summer.

Even though the Boardwalk attracts tourists in the summertime, there is plenty of activities to when you get there.

You can ride rides, eat so much food, go to the arcade, take photos, go to the beach, and places to shop. You can go to the Boardwalk when it is raining or when it is sunny, it will still be there. Just make sure to check the weather beforehand and find a parking spot so maybe go there earlier.

Again, there are more things to do over the summer, but these are just a few if you need ideas on how to spend your time this summer.

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