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Beat Your Summer Reading Slump


As a reader, I go through books in a matter of days and then there is a time where I don’t read at all. This is a hard time even though I want to read, I don’t have the ability in me to read. This time is known as the reading slump. 

1) As much as you may want to read, don’t pressure yourself to read

Reading should be enjoyed when you begin and shouldn’t be forced out of you. Even though you may want to read, give time to yourself and do other activities. You can do yoga, mediate, go watch movies, eat snack, and more.

Taking time for yourself can better prepare you when you begin to read again. This can last for a short time or a very long time but taking care of yourself will put you in better shape physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially so you can read again.

2) Reread your favorite books

Rereading your favorite books allow you to continue reading and may lead your out of a reading slump. It may not get you out of it but allows you to enjoy reading like you use to. Again, if it takes you longer to read your favorite books that usually it is fine, take your time and make sure you know what you are reading.

3) Spend time with your friends 

Spending times with friends whether it is online and in person always makes a person feel better when they are surrounded by good friends.

These friends won’t make you feel less than and can listen to you rant at any point in time. In person you can do fun activities like getting ice cream, going to the movies, going to the park, or just talking. Spending times with your friends may influence you to start reading.

4) Go to a bookstore or library

Going to a bookstore or library may influence you to read if you look at the back of the book and reading the hook for a book. You may never know what you can find and what is going to interest you if you don’t explore.

You can try a new genre of a book or stick to your usual genre. You may not find anything you may like but the more and more that you go out there and see what you might like may influence you to start reading. You could find a book that interests you that may never have interested you if you weren’t there.

Put yourself somewhat outside of your comfort zone. You can always talk to the librarians or bookstore workers so they can suggest books that you may like. Again, this takes time so don’t magically think that this is going to end within a day.

5) Try audiobooks!

You as a reader may be a reading slump with reading a physical book you may instead want to try audiobooks. When listening to audiobooks you the reader are not reading it but you can still be engaged to what you read.

You hear the voice actor or actors read and bring light into the story making you more engaged in a plot. You can read books you stopped reading or never started to be engaged. Again, this may not be a solution for you if you enjoy audiobooks and don’t feel like reading. These suggestions are use to give you ideas and may not work for everyone.

If you read audiobooks and don’t feel like listening to it, maybe read a physical book. 

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