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Thursday, November 16

Today Celebrates: Button Day, National Fast Food Day, The Great American Smokeout, and International Tolerance Day!

Lunch for today includes: Sliced Hot Turkey Breast with Stuffing, Breaded Chicken Drumstick with Roll, Whipped Potatoes, Steamed Green Beans, Fresh Fruit, Applesauce, and Milk.

A BIG Congratulations goes out to the Decatur Math Team, Logan Donmoyer, Daniel Karcheuski, and Tyler Kim. Yesterday they competed in the 39th Annual Eastern Shore Mathematics competition at Salisbury University. The team placed FIRST in the team competition out of all the public and private schools from Maryland and Delaware competing. WAY TO GO!! In the individual competition, Daniel Karcheuski placed second, and Tyler Kim placed first overall!!! Thank you to the team for all of the time you put in after school!! Congrats!

The Future Educators of America Club would like to wish all the teachers and staff a happy American Education Week by sending a few shout outs today! Please visit the link on Schoology to share your shoutouts each day this week.

Thank you, Mrs. Saullo for making Biology fun. I really appreciate it. You are always kind and understanding. Every time I need help – which is a lot – she is always there to help. Thank you for going the extra mile to make sure I know what we are doing.

I would like to shout out Mrs. Nichols for being very amazing and helpful to all of her students.

Mr. Marx is an amazing teacher and is the best teacher I have. He makes classes interesting and fun. He lets us have fun while also getting work done. I’ve learned so much from him and I look forward to inventing in Nintendo.

Mrs. Johnson is hands down my favorite teacher. I love your class and look forward to it every day. I feel like you get me. You actually listen to me and make me know you care. That means the world to me.

Mr. vonRigler is the craziest and funniest staff member here. From summer school fun to just making me smile in the library, you make it fun to come to school. I love that you aren’t afraid to laugh at yourself and even dye your hair blue! Thanks for the fun memories.

Mrs. Patrick is one of the most thoughtful teachers I know. You can tell that she really cares about her students doing well. She makes the classes fun when she can. She makes sure we are really learning. Even though her class is NOT EASY I know its making me better.

Mrs, Tracy is THE BEST! I would take your class twice in a day if I could!

Mrs. Hathaway. Thank you for never backing down for what is right. You have taught me to stand up for what I believe in.

I would like to shout out Mrs. Thompson for helping me believe in my abilities.

Mrs. McCann, you are the nicest teacher and human in the world. Even if you weren’t my teacher I would still want to be in your class.

I love you Mrs. Purnell. That’s all- you are just fabulous!

Wow Decatur! You really showed up again today with the shout outs! Keep them coming by filling out the link on Schoology. Tomorrow is the last day – so make sure your shout out is heard! Thank you to all SDHS teachers for all you do each and every day.

Tis the season to show some gratitude! (Roll Leo Club Card video 0:11:10) Buy your cards this week during all lunch shifts!

Only two days left in the annual canned food drive! As always, this is a first period competition, meaning that breakfast will be awarded to the three classes that bring in the most food per pound! Help those in need this holiday season and bring in those cans!

Attention sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Are you interested in a career in plumbing? Want to learn a trade, and get paid? If so, attend the interest meeting with Seaside Plumbing TODAY at 10:00 am in the cafeteria.

Attention Seniors: Salisbury University will be here on Thursday, November 30th. They will start by providing general college information in the cafeteria. Then, meet with students individually to conduct interviews for On-Site admissions. If you would like to be considered for On-Site Admissions at Salisbury University, please stop by guidance and write your name on the list.

It’s hard to believe that three weeks ago, the halls of Decatur transformed into a Halloween spectacle during the second annual One School, One Community Trunk or Treat sponsored by the National English Honor Society. DNN’s Kaila Wright has the story. (Roll Trunk or Treat NP 1:49:26). Thanks to the school clubs, organizations, and sports teams, NEHS was able to donate a total of five hundred and seventy-five dollars to the Hope Lodge of Baltimore, providing our local community with a place to stay during cancer treatments.

Pajamas are the battle uniform of kids with cancer. Stuck in the hospital for long periods of time during treatment, these children live in their pajamas while fighting for their life. PJammin is a way to raise awareness about childhood cancer and to help them feel less alone.

Mu Alpha Theta would like to invite the Decatur community to join us in PJammin for Kids with Cancer on Tuesday, November 21st. Teachers and staff that choose to participate may make their donation in the morning to Mary Candeloro in D149. All students can make their donation during all lunch shifts! Participants must donate in order to wear pajamas, the “official uniform of childhood cancer”. There will be small prizes for those that donate on Tuesday and any donation will be accepted! Mu Alpha Theta will be donating all funds raised on November 21st to the American Childhood Cancer Organization.

Attention Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen! School pictures have arrived and will be distributed during 1st and/or 5th period TOMORROW. Please note that your school ID cards are inside the envelope, so do not simply throw them away as no replacements will be provided. Again, photos will be distributed tomorrow. If you missed picture day, retakes will take place on Tuesday, November 28th.

For Sports:

Are you someone who wants to give back to the community through sports? Are you looking to improve your life skills such as patience, teamwork, and communication? Do you like lifting weights? Then you may be interested in joining our Unified Strength and Conditioning team!

Unified Sports is a powerful instrument of change that impacts athletes of all ranges. Through a shared team training and competition experience, Unified Sports builds bridges to connect athletes in a meaningful way. Anyone interested in joining our Unified Strength and Conditioning team this winter, please contact Ms. Bone or Ms. Owens by November 21st. Space is limited.

Remember to base your decisions on the Decatur Way Principles. Pride, Achievement, Respect, and Responsibility. Have a PARR-ific Thursday Decatur!

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