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Senior Self-Publishes Children’s Book

“Zoya’s Marvelous Adventures in Money” teaches financial literacy
Dana Arzadon
Simran Jain and her self-published book “Zoya’s Marvelous Adventures In Money.”

Simran Jain, a senior at our very school Stephen Decatur, has recently made waves in the literary world with her children’s book titled “Zoya’s Marvelous Adventures in Money.”

At just 17 years old, Jain has showcased her talent for storytelling and her passion for financial education to help prepare readers for their future.

“It’s inspired by some of my memories in school about wanting to learn how to manage money in a responsible manner,” Jain said asked about her inspiration for writing the book.

This desire to impart financial wisdom to young readers is evident throughout her book “Zoya’s Marvelous Adventures in Money.”

The main character of Jain’s book, Zoya, is a nine-year-old girl who resides at the top of a city building. Jain explains.

“I wanted to write a character that is indeterminate so that the reader could see themselves in her,” she said.

Through Zoya’s journey, readers are invited to join her as she navigates the complexities of budgeting and financial decision-making.

One of the key lessons Jain hopes readers will take away from her book is the importance of budgeting money and embracing the learning process.

“It’s okay to make mistakes,” Jain emphasized, “and learning about budgeting money can be fun.”

By weaving this message into a captivating narrative, Jain aims to empower children to develop healthy financial habits from a young age.

When asked about her influences, Jain cited the book “Eloise at the Plaza” by Kay Thompson as a source of inspiration. “She’s a little mischievous and yet still lovable and relatable,” Jain said.

She also drew inspiration from the character Jessie from the popular television show “Jessie” for the nanny character in her book.

Reflecting on Zoya’s character development, Jain said Zoya goes from “an ignorant girl who doesn’t understand some things to a more responsible and smarter young lady.” Through Zoya’s growth, Jain illustrates the transformative power of education and personal responsibility.

Jain emphasized that her book is meant to be uplifting and enjoyable for readers.

“This story is meant to be uplifting so that the reader has fun learning about budgeting money,” she said.

Jain has not only crafted an engaging tale but also provided a valuable resource for children and families seeking to instill financial literacy in the next generation.

As Simran Jain prepares to graduate from high school, this literacy work serves as a testament to the creativity and talent of young authors. With her passion for financial education and storytelling, Jain is undoubtedly a rising star to watch in the world of literature.

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